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Review of payment method - 2021

For historical reasons dating back to Stewart Milne times the charity has obtained the annual funds by their agent HML Group. Each resident of Mill Green has this annual contribution written into the deeds, but beyond that the charity performs an essential service to the community in helping to maintain the existing facilities such as the tennis courts, pavilion, history room, mill ponds and surrounding green landscape.  The charity receives an annual fee of £100 from each member and is collected every January by HML Group.


We would like to conduct a quick survey to determine whether the residents would prefer to pay by standing order direct to the charity over an agreed payment schedule such as monthly or quarterly or to continue paying via HML Group. One major benefit of direct payment to the charity will be the potential claiming of gift aid, which is 25p for every £1.

If the majority of residents agree to pay the charity direct then we will be in touch to provide details of how to make the payment, confirm a payment schedule and also request your authorisation to claim gift aid. Its important to provide your feedback.

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