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Important Information About Cookies


What Are Cookies?


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer's hard drive or other device. These files are generated by our web server and are read back by our server each time you return to our web site.


Some cookies - "Session Cookies" - are automatically destroyed when you exit your browser, others - "Persistent Cookies" - stay on your hard drive until they expire at some future date or until you delete them.


Cookies contain no "executable code" and cannot spread viruses or other malware on your computer.


How Can I Manage Cookies?


If you do not wish cookies to be placed on your computer or other web-browsing device, then they can be disabled in your web browser. The option to do so is normally found using your browser's "Help" function. However, please note, permanently disabling cookies in your browser may hinder your use of our website as well as other websites. 


Google has produced a 'browser plug-in' that you can download and install. This tool allows you to manage Google's cookies sent to you by this and other websites.


You can download the plug-in from


Learn More


More information about cookies and how to manage them can be found at: 



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