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Strines Pavilion: Acceptable Use Policy

Strines Pavilion is owned and managed by Strines Recreation Ground (SRG), which is a local charity, registration number 520486.


The purposes of the charity are to “Provide for sports, recreation, landscape and nature conservation for the benefit of the local community”. It does this by developing and maintaining the holdings. It is managed on behalf of the local community by a team of elected trustees who are all volunteers.

The Pavilion in Strines is a fantastic amenity for the whole local community and as such the Trustees seek to ensure that it is well maintained, clean, and available for as many local groups that may want to hire it.


The Trustees are also very conscious that the Pavilion is sited within a quiet residential area, therefore there are conditions for any group or individual wishing to hire the facility which we ask all users to respect and observe.


Conditions of private use:


  • Private bookings will only be taken from residents within the Strines catchment ( within 10 miles from the Pavilion ).  Anyone outside the catchment zone requires approval and will require a  £50 deposit*.


  • The capacity of the Pavilion internally is defined as 50 guests.  An additional 50 guest located outside on the green requires approval. The additional guest beyond 50 to a maximum of 100 numbers will require a deposit of £50*.



  • Hirers should be aware that any additional equipment engaged as part of the event, eg bouncy castles etc, is done so at the discretion of the hirer who will take complete responsibility for safety and supervision


  • Alcohol may be served though never sold.


  • If the provision of alcohol is planned as part of the event, this must be notified to the SRG trustees (the social secretary or delegated person) at the time of booking. An additional deposit of £50 * will also be required, which will be forfeit should any nuisance arise because of the event.


  • The person making the booking will be deemed responsible for the behaviour of all guests and should ensure that no infringements of usual expectations occur, for example there should be no under-age drinking or rowdy behaviour causing nuisance to residents.

  • Music, whether live or recorded, should not be audible beyond the confines of the Pavilion building after 9pm


  • All music should cease at 11pm as per the covenants for Mill Green Estate

  • The event hosts should strive to remind guests of the need to restrict noise from cars etc when leaving the site.

*A single deposit is only required.

The Trustees would like everyone to use and enjoy the area and our facilities for years to come; the best way to ensure we achieve this is for everyone to respect these terms and the intentions behind them

General Procedures

There should be no use of the Pavilion other than that booked as set out below or regular scheduled group use. Unauthorised use is not permitted.

1. Booking the Pavilion


  • Priority will be given to events that serve the community.


  • Bookings for private events will be at the discretion of SRG and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis


  • Pavilion bookings are made at the sole discretion of SRG. The right to refuse any application for the use of the Pavilion facilities is reserved to SRG



2. Maximum Capacity

The Pavilion has a maximum internal capacity of 50 guests with an additional 50 guests externally. On no account should this figure be exceeded. The Pavilion hirer is responsible to ensure that this is the case.


3. Payments and fees

  • All bookings should be paid in advance via the payment request that will be emailed upon booking. 

  • Booking costs for private events are as follows:


  • The rates are reviewed on a regular basis. The current rates will be shown on the website bookings section and are split into two time slots – 3 hours and 6 hours.

  • SRG Members (families and individuals that make an annual contribution to the charity ) and associates of SRG will be entitled to a 50% reduction.

  • In the event of any breakage’s by mediation and an agreed reimbursement cost will be made between SRG and the hirer of the pavilion.

  • All monies raised through bookings will go to the charity to be used for community events or improvements and maintenance projects.

  • A single deposit of £50 is required if alcohol is being served and /or guests exceed 50 and / or hirer is outside the Strines catchment area.  This deposit will be refunded in full is SRG believe if no infringement of the rules stated within this document have been made.


  • Once a booking is confirmed it may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the event otherwise a cancellation fee of £15 will be required.



4. Access to the Pavilion

  • Access to the Pavilion is via a keycode on the door. The access code will be provided once the booking is confirmed.

  • There should be no unauthorized access of the Pavilion.

5. Alcohol

The sale of alcohol is not permitted for private events; however you may consume your own alcohol on site taking note of the conditions of hire and the payment of an additional deposit.

6. Health and Safety

You are accountable for ensuring the safety of all attendees at your event. The Trustees of SRG cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by individuals using the premises.


If there are any health and safety concerns with the premises or any of the facilities then please report these the email



7. At the end of an event


Please ensure that you complete the following :




Pavilion End of Event Checklist


  • Wash, dry, and put away any dishes, glasses, and cutlery.

  • Remove all rubbish from the Pavilion and place in the outside bins. In the event that all bins are full please take away any rubbish to prevent bins overflowing and any consequent hazards.


  • Take down any balloons, decorations, bunting etc used for the event.



  • Clean and tidy away all equipment (i.e. pool tables, exercise mats, table tennis tables, etc) to ensure a tidy space for the next booking


  • Clean any spillages/mess to the facilities (including tables etc) to ensure a clean space for the next booking


  • Turn off heating or air conditioning unit


  • Switch off lights


  • Lock all doors and shut all windows to ensure that the premises are secure

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