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I started to promote this project 6 years ago initiated by an appreciation of the special nature of the area created by the landscape and remains of an industrial development. Also the considerable work on local history by Rosemary Taylor who played a pivotal role in the rediscovery of the Strines Journal was an inspiration to me. The positive and enthusiastic response by the community was encouraging and has continued throughout the process.

Help has been forthcoming from many people providing an essential variety of skills.

The Strines Recreation Ground Charity owns the land with a responsibility towards its upkeep and improvement. I am indebted to my fellow trustees for backing the work and releasing hard won funds for the purpose, in particular Mandy Hatch whose efforts were pivotal to our acquirement of the land and assets. The millponds and entrance area were renovated using these funds.


The clocktower was constructed from European oak and a considerable expense was met by public donations, mostly provided by St Paul’s Church and The Sportsman pub, Joe and Sue Stockton giving us enthusiastic backing. Another generous donation by local residents Mr and Mrs Forrest enabled us to start building.

Construction work on the clocktower was undertaken with the help of skilled local volunteers notably:
Andrew Hatch, Andy Wood, Bill Brophy, Stuart Bertenshaw and others.

Professional enthusiastic input was invaluable. John Hodgson of Rylands Library which now houses the original Strines Journal wrote an enthusiastic appraisal which helped considerably in our lottery bid. Geoff Armitage, the turret clock specialist, and particularly Chris Lowe, who mastered the difficulties encountered of restoring the mechanism of this early unique clock. Such expertise is becoming increasingly difficult to find and we were lucky to br involved with such enthusiastic professionals.

This website was recreated by Dan Holloway, a local resident, who was able to present the Strines Journal in a user friendly style to encourage wider access.


The HLF application is complicated to the uninitiated and I am grateful to my wife, Kate, who helped steer through the bewildering requirements (to me) successfully.

As the project progressed interest grew, so that the inauguration event was enthusiastically attended by residents and children. I would like to thank all the participants for their appreciation and very generous gift.


Mel Smith

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